Chris Duffy: Bowie taken by Duffy


Madrid, Spain; 14.03.2023.- Chris Duffy.

Chris Duffy Bowie taken by Duffy.

The iconic image of lightning that crosses the face of David Bowie on the cover of the album “Aladdin Sane” (1973), its creation process and the mystery of its timelessness are the focus of the exhibition opens its doors in Madrid, with the only copy that exists of the same among its great attractions.

For the work of Sold Out in association with Nomad Exhibitions and the Duffy Archive

the innovative and unprecedented exhibition has more than 160 pieces on David Bowie under the gaze of Brian Duffy.

The singer created the cover of ‘Aladdin Sane’ and other iconic moments of the seventies together with the photographer Brian Duffy, who tried to burn all his production. Today, their joint legacy sees the light in an exhibition in Madrid.

50 years ago, David Bowie gave birth to one of his musical sons, Aladdin Sane. An album whose cover is possibly one of the most recognized photographs of the musician. Its author, Brian Duffy, knew how to capture Bowie’s rebellious and changing essence in five photographic sessions that are already pure pop art history. Starting on Wednesday, March 15, you can enjoy the symbiosis of both at the Bowie Taken by Duffy exhibition, which has its world premiere in Madrid.

Inauguration Chris Duffy son of the photographer participates.

Photo: Juan Carlos Rojas

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